Assassins Remaining: 1 (as of 11/8 at 11:59PM)


winner will be announced in LG


The Rules

1.  A kill can be made if the target is not wearing or holding the immunity of that day.

2. A kill is made by throwing a sock at the target which results in the sock hitting the target. A valid hit is defined as the sock coming into contact with the target or anything the target is wearing or holding. At the initial contact of the sock and the target, the killer may not be touching the sock (hence the need to throw it). A kill cannot be made by jabbing or slapping the target, and this robs the target of the opportunity to catch the sock.

3. When a kill is made, the assassin must let the Game Master(s) know ASAP through the submission form below. If you feel the submission form is insufficient, you may directly email this year’s Game Master(s) at

4. The immunity must be visible and on you at all times in order for the immunity to be effective.

5. Each immunity applies for a 24-hour period spanning from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM, and will be posted on this web page no later than 9:00 PM the night before it is applicable. It is your responsibility to check this site. If you need clarification, please email

6. If there are any disputes on whether or not rules were followed, both parties must submit the account on the submission form. Game Master(s) will make a call on the play.

7. If you throw your sock and miss, you have to wait 15 minutes before throwing it again. If the sock is caught, it does not count as an assassination. You have to wait 15 minutes before throwing a sock again, and now your target has your sock.

8. If you throw a sock and your target catches it, nothing happens. Neither the assassin nor the target is out.

9. To make a kill in the home of the target, you must be invited or let in by a resident of that home. No sneaking in.

10. Safe zones (where kills cannot occur) include the following:

  • All Cru-sanctioned events
    • This includes but is not limited to: Pav Dinner, Small Group, Large Group, Post-Large Group, discipleship, Family Dinners, Ops/TNT meetings, WAM & Kaleh events, C-Team events, Prayer events, team meetings and practices.
    • This does not include un-official Cru events such as volleyball, fun hangouts and other events that wouldn’t appear on the 411.
    • You are safe during the event as long as you are at the event.
      • You are considered to be at an event if you are within 50 feet of what someone would objectively consider that event’s boundary. To make a kill near this margin could result in a dispute, so choose wisely.
      • It is considered to be during the event 15 minutes before and after the official start and end times of that event. This allows you to come to and leave Cru events in peace.
      • If the event has no official end time, or if the event runs past the official end time, assassins must wait until 15 minutes after the event “actually” ends, which is then defined as per the opinion of the event coordinator. Any disputes will be handled by the Game Master(s) on a case-by-case basis.
    • Large Group setup, starting at 5:00, is considered a Cru-sanctioned event only if you are volunteering in some capacity, such as unloading, setting up, worship band, greeting, giving a testimony, etc.
  • Class
    • When you are in the classroom, you are safe.
    • When you are in the hallway you are not.
  • Church
    • In the car for the drive to and from church is safe.
    • Walking to the church building is not safe.
    • Inside the church is safe.
  • Work
    • Inside work environment is safe, as well as when you are working. The assassin must not cause any trouble for their target at work.
  • Studying
    • Studying in a library is not safe, unless you are inside any room of the Rotunda building itself (steps and surrounding walkways are not safe).
    • To be clear, the mere act of studying does not give you immunity.

Kill Report or Rule Dispute

Here is a story from Grace Kaupas from Cru Assassins 2016!

Alright well here’s how this went down. I was in an alliance with Carolyn and Olivia when Josh attempted to message me and get me to forge an alliance with himself. I jumped at the opportunity to gain his trust and use it to my advantage. He told me that he wanted me to fake his death and “kill” Carolyn on her way to class in order to throw her off guard and allow her to be easily defeated after her class. After informing Carolyn of this plot, we came up with a plan where I would not actually wake up at the crack of down and just tell Josh that I had killed her so he would come after her class. Then, I would be in disguise (think fake mustache) after her class and I would trail and take out Josh before he could kill Carolyn. However, the plot changed when he said that he would be watching from a distance to oversee the operation. So the new plan became that Carolyn would come in around 8:35 and I would be hiding in the bathroom. When she turned the corner I would jump out and throw a black mitten at her and we would create a convincing scene for Josh. At this point he would think that he was safe because I would have to wait 15 minutes before throwing a sock again. Little did he know. I discovered he was hiding in the stairwell so I walked to the door and threw a black sock at him. Defeated, Josh walked out of the back door and I got a mango smoothie. Oh and 15 minutes later Carolyn let me throw a sock at her.