2016-2017 Cru Leadership

Servant Leader Team 
Our servant leader team oversee the other teams and the movement as a whole. They also are in change of our men’s ministry called WAM (We Are Men) and our women’s ministry called Kaleh.

Esther Grisko  (emg3uf)
Kyle Leathers (kwl8rs)
Leah Coleman  (ldc7ev)

Core Team
Core Team is responsible for planning events that involve cultivating community, prayer and outreach.

Bella Zecchini (imz3dr)     Outreach focus
Cory Fines (cbf5wg)     Prayer focus
Seth Iverson (dsi9418)     Community focus
Shai Branch (skb2gj)     Community focus

Large Group & Media
The Large Group team takes care of all of the behind the scenes work and running of the weekly meeting. Also bringing awareness of Cru and events to UVA through the use of social media, graphic design, video and other skills.

Jacob Sawyer (jas5qj)     Large Group leader
Kayla Holston (krh2fb)     Larger Group leader
Nicolle Wooten (naw2hb)     Media leader
Stepho Soh (shs8dc)     Worship leader

Men’s Small Group Bible Study Leaders
Kyle Leathers  (kwl8rs)
Matthew David  (mjd8vw)
Seth Iverson  (dsi9418@gmail.com)

Women’s Small Group Bible Study Leaders
Jessica Robinson (jcr3mf)
Erin Puckette  (ep2hk)
Hannah Kohl  (hlk2cg)
Ashley Adams  (ama6bd)
Leah Coleman  (ldc7ev)
Jena Brown (jena.brown)
Nicole Teichman  (nicole.teichman)


Interested in getting more information or getting involved in a team? Let us know! Also visit the Small Group page.