2018-2019 Cru Leadership

Servant Leader Team 
Our servant leader team oversee the other teams and Cru as a whole. They also are in change of WAM (We Are Men) and Kaleh.

Amber Leathers
Bennett Crow
Tess Gibson

Core Team
The Core Team is responsible for planning events that involve cultivating community, prayer and outreach.

Connor Pearson // Community
Jerry // Community
Hannah Allison // Community
Levi Otis // Outreach and Prayer
Nano Masters // Outreach and Prayer

Weekly Meeting Team
The Weekly Meeting team takes care of all of the behind the scenes work and running of Large Group.

Dayton Petrus // Large Group
Lydia Erbaugh // Large Group
Nicholas Lu // Media
Cathryn Palmer // Media
Jay Perry // Worship
Josh Kim // Worship

Men’s Small Group Bible Study Leaders
1st Years // Enoch Miaw and Josh Kim
2nd Years // Bennett Crow and Jay Perry
3rd & 4th Years // TBD

Women’s Small Group Bible Study Leaders
1st Years // Haley Turner and Lexy Sjurseth
1st Years // Abi Davis and Heather Thompson
2nd Years // Amber Leathers and Bryanna Lindberg
3rd Years // Jessica Robinson and Tess Gibson
4th+ Years // TBD

Interested in getting more information or getting involved in a team? Let us know! Also visit the Small Group page.