Small Groups

Small Group Bible Studies are places where you can study the Bible in a smaller group and learn more about who God is, dive deeper into your faith and make amazing friendships.


First Year Group // Tues at 6pm   Jessica Robinson (jcr3mf)
First & Second Year Group // Mon at 8pm   Erin Puckette  (ep2hk) & Hannah Kohl  (hlk2cg)
Second Year Group // Wed at 7pm   Ashley Adams (ama6bd)
Third Year Group // Mon at 8pm   Leah Coleman  (ldc7ev)
Third & Fourth Year Group // Tues at 7pm   Jena Brown (jena.brown)
Multi Year Day Group // TBD   Nicole Teichman  (nicole.teichman)


First Year Group // Tues   Kyle Leathers  (kwl8rs)
First & Second Year Group // Mon at 7pm   Matthew David  (mjd8vw)
Third Year Group // Wed at 8pm   Seth Iverson  (
Forth Year Group // Tues at 7   Evan




Destino Co-ed Small Group (What is Destino? Learn more here)
Contact Daniela Gonzaled Hidalgo  (deg6r) or Jena Brown(jena.brown) for more information.


If you are interested in learning more about a small group, even if none of the set times work for you, we would like to help get you connected. Fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch with you. Or you can directly email a leader above!