Small Groups


Small Group Bible Studies are places where you can study the Bible in a smaller group and learn more about who God is, dive deeper into your faith and make amazing friendships.

Men’s Small Group Bible Study Leaders
1st Years // Tues Nights with Enoch Miaw and Josh Kim
2nd Years // Bennett Crow and Jay Perry
3rd & 4th Years // Tuesday at 8:15 with Dagoberto Valladares  and Jeff Simpson

Women’s Small Group Bible Study Leaders
1st Years // Monday nights with Haley Turner and Lexy Sjurseth
1st Years // Tuesday nights with Abi Davis and Heather Thompson
2nd Years // Friday afternoons with  Amber Leathers and Bryanna Lindberg
3rd Years // Jessica Robinson and Tess Gibson
4th+ Years // Nicole Teichman if interested


Destino Co-ed Small Group (What is Destino? Learn more here)
Contact Dagoberto (email) for more information.

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