Virtual Cru

Hello! We are all in different places. Geographically, we are separated by social distancing or by miles upon miles. Spiritually we are wrestling with different questions and at different parts of our journeys. Emotionally we could be grieving, anxious, in denial, numb, etc. Isolation or boredom might be your day-to-day, or you might be overwhelmed trying to tackle school, friends and new home responsibilities. Despite our differences, we are all connected by Christ.

We continue with our same mission to introduce people to the gospel, to grow in our faith and prepare to walk with Christ for a lifetime. They way we do this will be new. We will still gather, just in virtual avenues. Below are descriptions on what we are offering and the links to join.

New? You don’t have to have already been coming to a Cru event to join. The invitation to connect with us virtually is extended to you!

Eyes up,
Charlottesville Cru

Weekday Devotionals
During the lockdown, we have a unique opportunity to steward our time well! We hope that this opportunity will be formative, encouraging, and helpful for you in your faith as you take classes from home. Daily devotionals will be a short teaching and discussion about a passage of scripture. We will be working through 1 Peter which is an encouragement to Christians to find their hope in Christ in the midst of suffering and persecution. Fitting for today!

[Zoom Devo]

Large Group Weekly Meeting
Join us for our weekly meeting. This is a time to gather together in a similar way as we did back in C’ville. Some things might be the same, others might be different. Keep your Thursday nights reserved for joining with your friends and being encouraged in the Word. This is a great opportunity to invite a friend to join in the video call!

Thursday at 8pm
[Zoom Large Group Cal] For password, please check your weekly Cru email or message a social media account or staff member.

Small Group Bible Studies
To find out more about what day/time, the leaders and links, visit Virtual Small Groups

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